CheiChei Living

CheiChei Living is a generous mixed-use precinct of new multi-storey blocks in Fumba Town, Zanzibar. More than a dozen new mass timber buildings will add hundreds of varied living and working spaces over the coming years, to meet the growing demand for affordable housing in the region.

2022 - 2025
Fumba Town, Zanzibar

OMT Architects & Leander Moons, Knippershelbig, MTT and Volkshouse

Cross-laminated Timber
Glue-laminated Timber

220 m3


220t CO2e captured

Equitable developments for Africa's lower and middle-income markets are limited. At the same time, the demand for housing in this market is vast and rapidly growing. CheiChei Living intends to fit into this market by offering accessible and sustainable housing at a high standard and competitive price. 

The CheiChei Living concept revolves around a simple but flexible building volume allowing for a broad spectrum of apartment types, ranging from open-plan live-work lofts to 3-bedroom fully fitted-out family units. The buildings are designed as sustainable four-story hybrid timber structures with concrete cores and engineered timber walls, floors, columns and roofs. . The combination of construction techniques allows for local prefabrication and an efficient and fast assembly process. 

To realise this vision, MTT produced and supplied more than 220 cubic meters of engineered timber in CLT and GLT, consisting of more than 250 highly accurate and unique building components. The first block is scheduled for completion in 2023.

For more information please visit the CheiChei Living homepage.

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