Sakhile Learning Centre

The Sakhile Learning Centre is an Early Childhood Development Facilities, which came about through a partnership between the Three Tree Lodge, Legacy of Grace and the local community in a rural part of the Drakensberg. The latest phase of the Centre utilises high-performance Boxa Classroom and Ablution units.


Sakhile Learning Centre, Three Tree Lodge, Legacy of Grace

Drakensberg, South Africa
Cross-laminated Timber
Glue-laminated Timber



13t CO2e captured

The challenges faced by the education system in South Africa are well established. Shortages in learning space, poor facilities and objectionable ablutions are a few of the issues that typically require attention in many rural areas. The most recent intervention at Sakhile consists of a new off-the-grid classroom and ablution block which utilise modular, design for manufacture and assembly/disassembly (DFMA) techniques for rapid, low-impact construction. In addition to dry-stack geopolymer blocks, the structures consist of cross-laminated timber floors and roofs as well as glue-laminated timber beams, in both pine and eucalyptus. The design, detailing and material choice allowed the buildings to be fully assembled in one week without the use of any cementitious products or water. The flexible prefabricated units provide an exceptional new educational environment, with a warm and robust atmosphere.

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